Rural Health Telecom Funding Survey

Survey Start Date: 3/28/2016      Survey End Date: 4/23/2016

ARE YOU LEAVING FEDERAL FUNDING DOLLARS ON THE TABLE? Over $200 million dollars intended for rural healthcare providers through USAC’s Rural Healthcare Program goes unused each year.

Please take a moment to answer our brief, three question survey so that we can understand the awareness and impact of USAC’s Rural Healthcare Program with our members. To ensure your clinic is accurately represented on the survey please provide your clinic name, your name, and email address.

This survey is provided by Rural Health Telecom and is furnished by CARHC.

1. Were you AWARE that there is $400 million available each year to rural healthcare providers for telecommunications services through USAC’s Rural Health Program?
2. This program funds about 65 – 85% of the cost of your eligible telecommunications circuits every month. Are you RECEIVING FUNDING through this program? 
3. To be eligible, the HCP must be non-profit and have a location in an area designated as “rural” by the FCC. Note that this definition of “rural” may be different than definitions used by other organizations, such as the one used by the Rural Health Clinic Certification.

Would you like assistance to determine if any of your locations are in FCC designated “rural” areas? * This involves cross referencing data across different sites so it’s not as simple as just pointing you to a list.

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